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Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 7 & 14th Letters

September 7, 2015 Letter

This week has been fun, I'm starting to like Marion more every day.
Our meal calendar for the next 2 weeks really filled up, so it will be
good to start having more meals with members. We've also had a lot
more meals just this week, and they've been a lot of fun. I've done a
ton of magic for people, mostly kids, at dinners. I like to tie my
spiritual thought into a magic trick and it really sticks with them.
We've also tried to contact a lot of less active members this week.
We've found a few people who we'll be able to work with and help, so
I'm looking forward to that. One less active lady who we visited
recently came to church yesterday! It was cool to see her there, she
was the first one to bear her testimony and I really liked it. When we
visited her she was watching, 'The Theory of Everything.' And in her
testimony she talked about watching it and how she had been inspired
by the story. She has had some difficult health challenges, but when
she saw what Steven Hawking does to overcome his challenges in that
movie, it gave her hope and motivation to work past her challenges.
And that's why she came to church.
District meeting was good, me and Elder Schultz talked about keeping
the Sabbath Day holy. There were some really cool comments, and I
learned quite a bit. We talked about how there are so many ways that
people around us aren't respecting the sabbath day and how it just
makes it more important for members of the church to hold to their
sabbath day observance.
Love y'all,

Elder Jared Petersen

September 14th 2015 letter
This week has been pretty great, we've finally started to see some
results from the work we've been doing. We've had a lot of things that
we've been working on for a while and they're finally starting to work
One thing that we've seen some good results from is transferring our
paper records onto our ipads digital records. That was a pain, but we
finally finished transitioning to the area book on the ipads this week
and we've been able to start trying to visit some of the people who's
records we transferred. There have been a lot of people who've slipped
through the cracks, so we've been trying to contact them and help
We've had to have a lot of consistency, there's a couple houses that
I've knocked on the door so many times I started having deja vu when
we'd go there. I'm tired of knocking, so I think this week I'll try
skipping the knocking part and just open the door and walk in.
We had one lady though who we knocked on her door probably 10 times in
the last 2 weeks, she has a friend who went on and put in
her information. So we got the message and had been trying to contact
her for a while and we finally got to meet her on Saturday. She was
nice and was asking us for advice and direction in her life. So we
were able to show her how she can find direction through the
scriptures and the restored gospel. It was awesome.
At church all the members wanted to fill me in on the Boise State BYU
game. One of the young men told me that he thought of me while he
watched it haha. They're mostly BYU fans and a lot of them know that
I'm a Boise State fan, so they had to give me crap about it. I also
have a Boise State pin that I wear on my suit, so I think some of them
had to rub it in a little more because of that. It was all good
though, the members are still pretty great here. I bet some of them
are even going to start keeping track of Boise State to keep me
updated, so that will be nice. College Football is a pretty big deal
in the South, so when you have a team and can talk about football it's
like you can speak their language haha.
Love y'all,

Elder Jared Petersen


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