Serving from March 2014 to March 2016

Mission Address: (send everything to this address and they will forward to him daily)

Elder Jared Petersen
Tennessee Knoxville Mission
11320 Station West Dr Ste 101
Farragut, TN 37934

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Wow, I just finished updating his blog for the past.... too many months =)
He asked me if I was still going to keep up the blog, so since I didn't want to tell him no, I decided that I had better get on it. Now! So sorry that there are few pictures in the posts but I wanted to get the important stuff in, his letters. It is so amazing to read his letters from the beginning of his mission until now. (He has 6 months to go!) His mission truly has been the best thing that he ever could have done for his life! I'm so glad that he recognized it as well. He is such an amazing kid (adult), I am so proud to be his mom! His 20th birthday is today and I am missing him terribly. I just want to give him the biggest hug ever!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy to my wonderful son! I LOVE you SOOO much!

He still buys milk by the gallon.
This was one of his birthday ties in his package. I told him he should wait to open it...
This was the message along with the picture.
"I like this one. I know, I didn't wait...."
I figured he would open it :)

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