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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Feb 23, 2015 See ya later Nooga!

He's leaving Chattanooga.

So I found out I'm going to be transferred. I'm definitely going to miss Chatt, but I am excited to be somewhere new. A little something to top off the transfer, Elder Titus and his new companion will be getting a car, and I am at risk of going to another bike area! There are not many bike areas left in the mission though, so my chances are pretty good of getting a car.
On Wednesday everything fell through, we had a couple appointments and stuff, but none of it worked. Luckily though we had some surprises, one of them being a member surprised us by taking us out to dinner. I was so happy about that.
On Thursday it was so cold! We did a bit of tracting and luckily we got into a house pretty quick. A real nice lady let us in, she was super pregnant, and we found out real quick that she knew a bit about the church already. (You never know right away if that's good or bad) Apparently her ex-husband was an RM and her now boyfriend is possibly a super less active member. She was really nice and told us that she want's to cook for us. I'll miss out on it though.
On Friday we had a team up with someone in YSA who is going to Idaho for his mission tomorrow! We also got some snow in the evening. We witnessed firsthand how badly southerners drive in snow. If you don't have anywhere to be it's hilarious. There was a great big dodge 3500 truck that was going through an intersection at about 3 miles an hour because he was scared of sliding. Me and Elder Titus also had a snowball fight.
On Saturday we got transfer calls and I found out that I'm leaving. The Sisters area is also being overtaken by the Elders. Another YSA had us over for breakfast too which was great. We also had dinner with our new Branch Mission Leader.
On Sunday I said goodbye to a lot of people. I hate goodbyes. We also had dinner with our Branch President which was great! They're a really fun family. And his little girl gave me some stickers to put on the back of my nametag! So I finally have some!
I'll let you know where I'm at next week, and if I get lucky enough to be in a car.
Love y'all,
Elder Jared Petersen
Lila - gave him stickers
I guess it is cool to collect stickers on the back of your nametag

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