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Elder Jared Petersen
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jan 26, 2015

Jan 26, 2015

This week was great, it was so packed! We're getting this area picked up and going pretty well and it's been great! It's also been almost up to 70 degrees for most of the week, so that was a bonus.
On Tuesday we went out and had to go home and change. It was just too warm to wear a jacket or anything. A long sleeve shirt was questionable. It was incredible January weather. We also had a team up to visit a less active and it went really well. Our team up wasn't too talkative at first and he usually has a lot of helpful input, but it wasn't long into the lesson that he started giving input more and the whole atmosphere of the lesson changed and got even better. The lady we visited came back to church yesterday.
On Wednesday we had our typical lunch at S Bridgette's and she had a couple who weren't members over. So we taught them about the Restoration. After that we did a lot of service for an older lady in our branch. It was great, I love service. 
On Thursday we had Zone Training meeting. It was an all day affair, because the Elders who we rode with locked their keys in the car. The meeting was great though, President talked to us about how in this mission we don't have room for gossip because it destroys our unity and an Elder who I know pretty well stood up and said that if he's gossiped about anyone that he's sorry and he wants to make sure that there are no hard feelings because he loves all the other missionaries in the mission. It was really cool, and he's the type of Elder who I'm sure he hasn't gossiped about anyone. We also had our interviews with President and he told me that me and E Titus are just too easy to take care of because we never have problems to come to him with. He also said that he can tell we're both doing really well. That was really good to hear.
On Friday we had a team up for most of the day, which was good because it rained most of the day Friday. So we got out of the little bad weather that we had. We also had a really good lesson with a less active with him, where we helped her to feel some reassurance that things are going to be alright.
On Saturday we had Branch Council with the Stake, and we went out and visited people. It was good, we got to go with Br Zhang and visit some recent converts and we had a good meeting with them. Then we spent most of the day helping with a move, so we got more service.
On Sunday we had Branch Conference in Family Branch. It was really good, we had some good lessons about hastening the work. There was also a lot in both branches about how we need to strengthen ourselves in the gospel. In YSA there was a speaker who told a story about how his son was diagnosed with cancer and he didn't feel spiritually in tune enough to give him a blessing. He hadn't been unworthy, he was just not as spiritually strengthened as he needed to be. So he spent a few days trying hard to become spiritually strong enough, and praying to know that he could heal his son of this cancer that was practically guaranteed to kill him. After days of working hard at it, he finally was able to give his son the blessing he needed and his son was healed and is now cancer free. It helped me see how important it is to always be strong, so that you're never caught off guard by something that you're not strong enough for.
Love y'all,
E Jared Petersen

We got this picture this week.... EXCITING!

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