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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No transfer, Staying in Chattanooga

January 20, 2015

So we bought that fun camera that downloads to the internet. So I usually get pictures throughout the week. This was what I got this week. Awesome right? Looked like it needed stitches to me. I got the story a few days later...... Just for me

"This week was pretty great, and it didn't involve any stitches haha. In that picture of my leg I made sure that the cut looked a lot deeper than it was, it really just took a chunk off the top. I did it trying to jump onto the stage at the stake center. I got up, but my shoe didn't have enough grip on the bottom, so it slipped off and my shin hit the edge of the stage really hard. It hurt really bad, and still does hurt, but it's just bruised really bad, I think the bone is bruised, but the cut isn't bad."

I send him favorite parts of lessons from Sunday School and RS.... I love to hear his replies

"I like that thought of praying until you feel like it. Another thing I've experienced is praying when you don't really have a good attitude, and then paying attention to how your attitude changes as you pray. It's really cool to me how clearly you can tell the difference when you just pay attention to it."

Here is his letter:

So this week was fun, we got to meet most of the new missionaries in the zone, and there's a lot of them. E Zuniga (Zoo-knee-gah) is the only new one in our district. He's a really cool guy, from Mexico. He's learning English
On Tuesday we had the departing breakfast at S Bridgette's. All the missionaries who are leaving get to have breakfast with her. We joined because she's in our area. There were 18 missionaries there. It was really good.
On Wednesday it was transfers and we didn't get to go. It's always hard to not go to transfers. I've only missed 2 of them though so far. We also had our missionary open house Wednesday night, and that was really fun.
On Thursday we had District meeting, where we got to meet E Zuniga. He came out with E Titus. It was pretty good, we learned about teaching without rote presentation. I'd also hurt my leg last p day, I bruised it really bad, so all day I was limping around since it hurt. That was really fun. 
On Friday we did some tracting and the first guy we came across let us in and we taught him about the restoration. He had lots of interesting questions, and he already had a book of Mormon. He had just found it and picked it up. 
On Saturday we spent most of the day doing service. An older lady in the branch needed some like mesh stuff put up around her porch, so we did that for her. We also contacted a referral from a member and had a lesson with her. It was really good, she recognized that the Bible is imperfect and that there are lots of imperfect religions. We shared the restoration with her and she liked and agreed with it.
On Sunday we finally got a Branch Mission Leader in YSA! He's a really cool guy and he's excited to help us. Other than that we had a typical 9 hours of church day. 
On Monday we had p day and it was MLK day. People here actually celebrate MLK day, I think that's because there's a lot of black people. We even heard fireworks (or possibly gunshots but we are saying fireworks) at night. 
Love y'all,
Elder Jared Petersen
PS The temperature today is about 64 degrees, and it feels like May. I thought y'all might be interested to hear that while you have snow outside haha.

This picture was a few weeks old, but I like it =)

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