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Friday, January 22, 2016

December 21, 2016

I got E Martinez this week! He's from Arizona. He's legit! He's a
convert to the church, he joined about 6 years ago along with his
family. It all started because his mom does cross fit and a neighbor
asked if she could join. Then while doing cross fit she brought up the
church and mutual and scouting. E Martinez's mom had some of her
son's go to scouts and Wednesday activities and after a while her
neighbor started inviting her to church. She told her about how it was
a great church and she'd love to see her there and eventually she came
to church, was taught by the missionaries and was baptized. The whole
family ended up getting baptized. I'm so grateful that lady was
willing to talk about the church and wasn't afraid to share what she
loves. If she hadn't, E Martinez's family would probably still not
know the happiness of the gospel. E Martinez decided to come on
his mission to set an example and to bless his family, both his future
family and his current family. He has 2 younger brothers who he hopes
will decide to serve missions because they see what a mission was for
him. So I'm really excited to teach E Martinez everything I've
learned about being a missionary.
The job of introducing a missionary to the south is pretty
entertaining. It reminded me of what was so strange when I first came
here. At first he talked about how green it is and I told him, just
wait till the summer. He talked about all the trees blocking your view
of everything. He noticed all the churches and we just randomly
started counting and within a couple seconds we spotted 6 or 7
churches. He has no idea what a Pentecostal, Methodist, Presbyterian,
Jehovah's Witness, or most any other denomination is, just like me at
Love y'all,

E Jared Petersen

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