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Elder Jared Petersen
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Friday, January 22, 2016

December 14, 2016

Just a side note to Jared's letter: Missionary lingo is odd. They use funny terms that might be misunderstood if one is not serving a mission. Missionaries (at least in his mission) create relationship titles that don't make sense. I hope that clarifies this next part.

On Saturday I found out that I'll be having a baby this Wednesday!
That's missionary slang for training or for getting a brand new
missionary and teaching them how to be a missionary haha. I'm pretty
excited, new missionaries are a lot of fun. It also means that I'll
probably stay in Brevard until I die and my son will probably be the
one who kills me.
This week was really good, we met with more less active members this
week than any other week since I've got to Brevard. We also had a half
mission conference with E and S Zwick. That was really good,
they talked a lot about how we can reach our potential as
missionaries. E Zwick said "Never limit yourself by what you think
is your capacity." I like that a lot, we hold ourselves back more than
anyone else and when we can learn not to limit ourselves there is no
end to what we can achieve. The whole conference was really motivating
for me, by the end of it I just wanted to get out and teach everyone
about Jesus. So I guess that means it went just how it was supposed to
We went out with one of our members to visit some older single ladies
who are less active and this guy has a heart of gold. I can't even
explain how good this guy is, but he really loves like Jesus does.
Both of the ladies who we visited are going through hard things. One
of them has a sister who is dying of cancer and the other one lost a
daughter about a year ago and has home life problems. He related with
both of them so well, he told them both a story of how he's been
through or been close to similar trials and how he found help and got
through it by the grace of God. He was also so anxious to help them,
one of them said that she felt like when she came to church people
ignored her. So he told her, "The day I see you at church and don't
say good morning to you will be the day I stop coming to church." And
he meant it whole heartedly. He really is an example to me of showing
Christlike love.
I'll tell y'all about my kid next week!
Love y'all,

Elder Jared Petersen

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