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Elder Jared Petersen
Tennessee Knoxville Mission
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Farragut, TN 37934

Friday, March 21, 2014

I ♥ P-day!!

I love getting pictures! These first two are my favorite!!

For those of you who may not understand what Pday is, it is their preparation day where the missionaries can do laundry, clean, and MOST important .... email home!! I love my missionary and I am soo glad he chose to serve a mission and I support him 200%, but I miss him a lot and LOVE to hear from him and get pictures!

Here is his email from this week: ( I emailed these questions to him)

March 21, 2014 (email)

The letters aren't overwhelming at all, I love getting them. I also wrote you all a letter back, and sent it today, so we'll see how long it takes to get there.

What has been your favorite? My amazing companions
What has been your least favorite? sitting in a chair all day... He later told me that he was tipping back in one of the chairs and since they have wheels, he fell backwards and smacked his head and elbow against the wall. And he broke the chair. I asked if he got in trouble and he said, "Mom, you can't get in trouble here. " 
How many elders to a room? 3 in ours, but there can be up to 6
How was your first Sunday in the MTC? almost the same as every other day, except we watched the Character of Christ by Elder Bednar and it was really good
Have you gotten letters from anyone else? Nope, but you should tell people to write me dear elders before next monday
Who's emails do you want? just tell everyone to email me, it's hard to think of people on the spot
How has your stomach been doing? good
Do I need to send anything else? a like 32 gb sd card and a big flash drive would be nice for all my pictures, but it's not urgent
Have you finished the BOM? We don't really get time to read what we want to, everything is decided for us pretty much
Do you know your flight plans? times I don't know them yet. It'll be throughout the day on tuesday.
Love, Jared

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