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Elder Jared Petersen
Tennessee Knoxville Mission
11320 Station West Dr Ste 101
Farragut, TN 37934

Monday, October 5, 2015

Sept 28, 2015 Letter from Marion, VA

I got E Langsmith this week. (From Alabama) I knew him in the beginning of my mission so it's cool to be his comp now. It's also cool to see how much we've both grown on our missions. I lost Elder Schultz this week, but he went to a better place. He's with Elder Titus now, they're both super tall and legit. Yesterday at church someone slipped 10 bucks into both me and Elder Langsmith's inside suit pockets. That was a great surprise. It was a great welcoming for Elder Langsmith to the branch. I'm also excited for conference, it's so cool that we get to hear from our Prophet and the leadership of the church this weekend. Sorry it's short this week, love y'all, Elder Jared Petersen

Favorites from my MOM letter:

"I'm excited for conference too! It seems like I get more excited for every general conference. I bore my testimony in church about how incredible it is that we have a prophet and we get to listen to him and the rest of the leadership of the church in conference. It's really such a great opportunity to find ways to become more committed to the gospel."

"So at church someone slipped 10 bucks into both me and E Langsmiths suits. We have no idea how, they got it in the inside pocket, so someone was really smooth. They pulled a fast one on the branch magician haha." (He loves doing magic tricks for the youth and investigators and even finds a way to tie it into the lessons. Funny kid!)

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